Seattle Study Club (Old Bridge, NJ)  10/3/03 With John Flucke and Marty Jablow      Dental Technology Solutions

ADA San Francisco 10/24/03, 10/26/03


Yankee Dental (Boston) 1/29-30/04

DKU Chester Delaware 2/13/04

DentalTown  3/27/04

Wisconsin Dental Association 5/1/04

St Louis 5/14/04 with John Flucke and Marty Jablow  Dental Technology Solutions 

Indiana State Dental Association 6/10/04

Liberty Dental Conference (Philadelphia) 6/25, 26/04

American Dental Association Headquarters 7/17/04 (Dentistry As a   Business meeting)

Richards Report Interviews August/September 2004

ADA Orlando 10/1, 10/2/04 "Tomorrow's Dental Office"

Generation Next-Technology/Photography meeting 10/22, 23/04  Foxwoods Resort, CT

Lexington, MA Middlesex Dental Society 11/5/04  with Marty Jablow, John Flucke Dental Technology Solutions

Chicago Dental Society with John Flucke 11/10/04

Madison, WI 11/12-14/04 with Marty Jablow, John Flucke  Dental Technology Solutions Chris Kammer's New Dental Facility

Kansas City, MO 11/20/04 with Marty Jablow, John Flucke Dental Technology Solutions

Upland, CA (Bill Domb DDS) 12/10/04 with marty Jablow, John Flucke Dental Technology Solutions


Yankee Dental, Boston, MA1/27-30/2005 Thursday AM   Thursday PM Saturday Breakfast

Chicago Midwinter 2/24, 2/25/05

AGD Mastership Saratoga Springs, NY 4/1-4/3/05 wiht Marty Jablow. John Flucke Dental Technology Solutions

Oregon Dental Association 4/8/05 (Full Day)

Star of the North Minneapolis, MN 4/30-5/2/05 Workshops: Sun AM  Sun PM  Lecture: Mon AM

Texas Dental Association 5/12-14/05 Thursday PM Photography, Fri AM lecture, Fri PM and Sat AM workshops

ADA Phildelphia 10/6-9/05 ( 4 lectures including Saturday with Dental Technology Solutions/Flucke and Jablow)

Lancaster PA 10/27/05

Harvard Club ( Study Club) 11/2/05

Arizona Dental Association 11/4/05 Rescheduled

Westport CT Study Club 11/8/05

Wichita KS 11/14/05 Wichita District Dental Society (Full Day)

Greater NY Dental Meeting- 3 courses 11/29, 11/30/05

Mass Dental Society Headquarters 12/7/05 Internet course

University of Washington, Seattle 12/9/05 (Full day-course info)

New Jersey Study Club with Jablow/Flucke DTS 12/14/05


Attending Yankee Dental for consulting 1/26/05-1/28/05

Suffolk ( Long Island, NY) Dental Society DTS with Jablow/Flucke 2/1/06

North Dakota ( Grand Forks) 2/3/06 NorthEast District Dental Society-Full Day

Attending Chicago Midwinter for consulting 2/23/05-2/26/05

Zila Vizilite Oral Cancer Symposium 3/11-12/06 (attendee)

Hinman Dental Meeting 3/23/06-3/26/06

My Son's Bar Mitzvah 4/1/06 (Nathaniel Feuerstein)

UNJMD Dental School Continuing Ed DTS 4/5/06 New Jersey

Nation's Capital Dental Meeting 4/22/06 full day

Arizona Dental Association, Scottsdale 5/20/06

Alpha Omega, Boston  6/10/06

American Dental Association, Annual Session, Las Vegas 10/17,18,19/ 06

Springfield, MO 10/27/06 CANCELLED

Wilkes Barre PA DTS 11/15/06

Greater NY Dental Meeting ( research and consulting) 11/26-11/29/06


New Orleans Advisory Board meeting 1/28-1/20/06

Yankee Dental Internet Course  1/25/06  Boston, MA

Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting (research and consulting)  2/22-2/25/07

Connecticut State Dental Association 3/14/07 Plantsville, CT (Full Day)

(tentative) IDS  3/19-3/24/07 Cologne, Germany

Pacific Northwest Dental Conference  7/19-7/20/06 Seattle, WA

Dentrix conference UT 8/26-8/28

Tufts University 9/7/07 Dental Students

ADA Annual Session 9/27-9/30/06 San Francisco, CA (Technology DayLecture    / Workshop )  

North Coast Dental Institute  (DTS) Carlsbad, CA 10/26/07 (to be rescheduled due to San Diego fires)

Thunderbird Dental Study Club (DTS) El Paso TX 11/16/07

Mass Dental Society HQ  12/5/07 Internet course


Dental Team Concepts 1/9-1/13/08

National Association of Dental Labs (DTS) Las Vegas 1/29/08

Yankee Dental Congress, Boston MA 2/2/08

Chicago Midwinter Meeting 2/20-2/24/08

Hinman Dental Society 3/13-3/15/08 Atlanta, GA

Big Lick Study Club  ( DTS) Roanoke, VA 4/11/08 

Greater Long Island Dental Meeting 4/16/07

Indiana Dental Association 4/25-4/26/08

California Dental Association 5/2-5/3/08 Anaheim, CA

Northland Dental Study Club (DTS) West Branch, MI 5/9/08

ESPErtise 2008 3M Global Symposium St. Paul, MN 5/18-5/20/08

Pennwell Virtual Dental Meeting 6/6/08 ( online Technology Fair)

Acadia National Park 6/7/08-6/12/08

DTC Chicago 6/27/08  ORAL CDx

Southwest Harbor Maine 8/23-8/29

Great Lakes Dental Seminars Mackinac Island 8/8/08

Tufts University Dental School 9/5/08

California Dental Association 9/12-14/08 San Francisco

Inland Cosmetic Dentistry Study Group (DTS) Upland CA 10/3/08

ADA Annual Session San Antonio, TX 10/15/08-1/19/08

Dental Technology Solutions Hands on in KC 11/21-22/08  Postponed

Greater NY Dental Meeting 11/30-12/3/08

Massachusetts Dental Society 12/10/08 Headquarters Southboro MA Websites In Your Practice

Maine Dental Association Augusta ME 12/19/08


Dental Team Concepts (Catapult)  1/14-1/18/09

Yankee Dental Congress 1/28-2/1/09

Harrisburg Area Dental Society 2/13/09 Harrisburgh PA (ADA seminar series)

Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting  2/26-3/1/09

Shenandoah Dental Association, Harrisonburgh VA 3/6/09 (ADA seminar series)

Personal 3/10-3/20/09

Hinman Atlanta 3/19-3/21/09 ( tornado free)

IDS ( Cologne Germany) 3/24-3/28

Kansas Dental Association 4/18/09 Wichita

California Dental Association  5/14-5/17/09 Anaheim ( Technology Day and lecture)

Capital District Continuum for Advanced Dental Education 5/29/09 Albany, NY (DTS) (Seattle Study Club)

Personal 6/8-6/19/09

8/27-8/28/09 Ohio Dental Association Columbus OH- Special Event Friday- "Paul In The Hall"

9/11/09 Tufts University Dental School "Special Lecturer"

9/16/09 Middlesex County Dental Association, Newton Marriot ( MA)

9/18/09 Amarillo Dental Association, Amarillo, TX 

ADA Annual session 10/1-10/4/09 Honolulu- Theater In the Round- 150 High Tech Products- seen daily

ASDA Annual Session 10/14-17 Hollywood, FL  (American Society for Dental Aesthetics)

MDAA Mass Dental Assistants Association/ Elizabeth Baer Memorial Lecture 10/18/09 Boston Area

11/6/09 Attending CR meeting Chicago, IL 

11/29-12/2/09 Attending Greater NY Dental Meeting

Comprehensive Dental Excellence Forum 12/9/08 Canton, Ohio (DTS)